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Cerdon Pilgrimages

Cerdon Pilgrimages

Cerdon, France

Cerdon to Cerdon Pilgrimages to the village of Cerdon in France took place in both 2008 and 2010 with another one planned for 2014. These pilgrimages are of immense significance for Cerdon College, Merrylands. Cerdon village is where Jeanne-Marie Chavoin along with Father Jean Claude Colin, founded the Marist Sisters and began the Society of Mary. Coutouvre, Jarnosse, Belley and Fourviere are also places of Marist significance where pilgrims visit and pray.

Coutouvre is a beautiful village where Chavoin was born. She was baptised in the Church at Coutouvre and spent long hours in prayer there. It is always fulfilling to visit the place that shaped the religious beliefs and practices of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, who as patron of Cerdon College has such an influential role in our own spiritual lives.


Jarnosse is where Chavoin built the school and convent for the Marist Sisters to live and work in. In Belley the pilgrims visit the Chapel at the Jeanne-Marie Chavoin Centre, the final resting place of Chavoin.

The pilgrims are always in awe of Fourviere Cathedral and pray in the Chapel where in 1816 Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, Jean-Claude Colin and Marcellin Champagnat also prayed and made a promise to go out and make the whole world Marist.

These pilgrimages are truly an experience of a life time for students and staff.