Aspire to Great Heights
Cerdon College Merrylands


Public Speaking

This competition is run by the Catholic Schools Debating Association and takes place towards the end of Term 1. Students compete from Catholic schools around the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Schools can enter up to two students from Years 7-10 and four senior students. This competition has three stages: Rounds, Zone Final and the Grand Finals. Students must be successful in the previous stage in order to progress to the next.


Term 2 sees the commencement of the Catholic Schools Debating Association’s Debating Competition. Up to two teams per year group are selected to represent Cerdon College in this competition. There are six rounds in the first section of the season which attracts schools from all over the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Following these rounds, teams compete in knockout rounds comprising of Elimination Rounds, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and a Grand Final. Winners of the Grand Final go on to compete at the State Finals.

Marist Oratory

The Marist Oratory is a unique Public Speaking competition open to all Marist schools in Sydney and surrounding areas. This annual (one night only) competition allows one student per year group from Years 7-10 and two from Years 11 and 12 enter this prestigious event which takes place in Term 3. There are two categories:

  • Prepared (Years 7-12)
  • Impromptu (for seniors only)

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial Competition which is run by the Law Society of NSW allows Year 11 students to participate in “mock” court cases. Students compete with other schools in civil and criminal cases. Mock Trial assists students to develop their understanding of the Australian judicial system. It also helps students develop their debating skills, which focuses on listening, reading, writing, speaking and analysing.

Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

MUNA is a competition for that emulates the processes of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. Year 11 students in small groups have the opportunity to represent one UN country and debate political and social issues from around the world. The competition helps students develop their public speaking and debating skills.

National Schools Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention is a program which helps students to develop their understanding of the Australian Constitution and the role it plays in our country. It gives students the opportunity to investigate and discuss constitutional issues and the Australian government. The competition helps students develop their public speaking skills.

Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds is a competition held in Term 3. Students work in groups of 7 with a mix of girls from Years 7 – 10. They choose a challenge from one of the 4 categories: Language Literature, Maths Engineering, Social Sciences and Applied Technology. After 5 busy weeks full of hours of training and preparation, the teams find a solution to their challenge and express their answer in a 10 minute drama presentation before a panel of judges. They are also required to showcase their talents in an unseen spontaneous challenge on the day. The teams compete with over 20 teams from other schools in the Regional Final at the University of Western Sydney. Winning teams progress to the State Final at University of NSW.