Aspire to Great Heights
Cerdon College
Our College

Our College

Our Mission – A Marist Education: Aspire to great heights

In a Catholic school it is fundamental that Catholic beliefs, values and practices permeate all aspects of school life. The school must also be one where high academic standards are sought and valued and each member of staff is challenged to maintain high professional standards.

Furthermore, our Marist heritage gives emphasis to some characteristic features in education. It stresses:

  1. The importance of the Religious Education program which must be given high priority within the school.
  2. The unique value of the individual person who must be helped to develop her talents to the full.
  3. The importance of the Christian community which is generally characterised by a sincere respect, a shared concern and a sense of unity within the members of the school community. A Marist school seeks to create a friendly yet well ordered family environment.
  4. That parents and teachers have a shared responsibility for education, and parents need to be given every opportunity of being involved in the life of the school.
  5. That education must prepare students to take responsibility for the future.

 Our Vision

 As a school, we believe in and strive for:

  • A Christ-centred community with special regard for Mary and her life as an example for young women.
  • A quality education to prepare women to make their place in an ever-changing world.
  • Effective teaching and learning which respects the talents and needs of individuals and challenges them to reach their full potential.
  • A dynamic and diverse curriculum which extends beyond the classroom and encourages students to be responsible for their own learning.
  • Shared leadership and collaborative decision-making within the school community.
  • The fostering of positive relationships in an atmosphere of care and respect for all people.
  • The creation of, and active concern for, an appealing environment which is safe and conducive to learning.
  • A community enriched through a sense of pride and belonging.

College Crest

College Crest

The Motto of Cerdon – “In all Things Christ” – reminds all who bear it that it is Christ who gives meaning to our lives. As He was for Mary, so too for us should He be our focal point. The school crest consists of a white shield on which is depicted an M representing the place of Mary in our lives. It is through Mary that we come to know Christ. Passing through the M on our badge is a single stalk of wheat representing Christ the Bread of Life. The ears of the wheat are red, symbolic of the blood Christ shed to redeem us.

Our Principal

Mrs Patricia BakerLearning is a life long process, so it is important that our girls receive an education that allows them to take a place in society as committed Catholic global citizens.

Society today is a time of continual change and development so it is vital that our girls develop a strong sense of their own worth and a true understanding of their personal and spiritual values and skills which they can use to adapt to technologies yet to be developed and relationships as yet unexplored.

Girls at Cerdon College Merrylands are provided with a range of opportunities that will allow them to realise their potential in diverse areas. Girls are supported by a committed and enthusiastic staff who constantly seek out opportunities to extend students abilities and challenge them to excellence.

Cerdon College students are consistently and constantly challenged to academic excellence in positive learning environments, faith development, social justice and a willingness to make a difference in our world.

Cerdon College Merrylands, its students and staff are all committed life long learners driven by a passion for achieving personal excellence.

Mrs Patricia Baker