Aspire to Great Heights
School Executive
Cerdon Staff

Cerdon Staff

Cerdon College is blessed to have such a dedicated and highly professional team of teachers and support staff. When outgoing Year 12 students are asked about what factors most contribute to their success, their responses are always the same ” the support and commitment of the teachers”.

Through the fostering of positive relationships in an atmosphere of care and respect for all members of the community, each member of staff, regardless of his or her experience or role in the school, has a strong commitment to live out our Mission Statement: “A Marist Education – Aspire to Great Heights”.

College Executive

Principal: Mrs Baker
Assistant Principal: 
 Mission & Administration: Mrs Parker
Assistant Principal:
Teaching & Learning, Curriculum: Mr Caristo
Religious Education Coordinator: Mr Mulheron
Administration Coordinators: Mrs Stephenson & Mrs Agius

Studies Coordinators

Religious Education: Mr Mulheron
Assistant Religious Education: Mrs Schinella
English: Mrs Hanratty
Literacy: Mrs Collimore
Mathematics: Mrs Muscat
Numeracy: Mrs McEwen
Science: Mrs Hackney
STEM: Mr Tham
Drama: Ms Murfet
Geography: Mr Bridges
History: Mr Bridges
HSIE: Mr Collimore
Languages: Mrs Marando & Mrs Pecora
Learning Plus: Mrs McEwen & Mrs Redwin
Library (Information Services): Mrs Sylaprany
Music: Mr Viera
PDHPE: Mr Zammit
TAS: Mrs Kelly
Visual Arts: Mrs Odonga


Guidance Coordinator: Miss Hanson
Assistant Guidance Coordinators: Mrs Manning and Sr McPhee
Homeroom Teachers: 

  • 7E5 Miss Bailey
  • 7E6 Miss Farrugia
  • 7E7 Mr Harvey
  • 7E8 Miss Meduri
  • 7E9 Miss Doan
  • 7E10 Miss Ojong



Guidance Coordinator: Miss Parker
Assistant Guidance Coordinator: Mrs Nguyen-Trinh
Homeroom Teachers: 

  • 8G23 Ms Park
  • 8G24 Mrs Gallina/Miss Brizgala
  • 8G25 Ms Barbara
  • 8G26 Mr Hanna
  • 8G27 Ms Barnes
  • 8GL3 Mrs Calderara



Guidance Coordinator: Mr Lovadina
Assistant Guidance Coordinator: Mrs Yumul
Homeroom Teachers:

  • 9I31 Mr Collimore
  • 9I32 Mrs Deegan
  • 9I33 Ms Hulands/Mrs Hanson
  • 9J28 Ms Liistro
  • 9J29 Miss Cascio
  • 9J30 Miss Herrera


Guidance Coordinator: Mrs Drageljevic
Assistant Guidance Coordinator: Miss Nimac
Homeroom Teachers:

  • 10F18 Mrs Tooma
  • 10F19 Ms Hayes
  • 10F20 Miss Gerardis
  • 10F21 Mrs Wang
  • 10F22 Mrs Ryan/Miss Young
  • 10F24 Mr Farlow
  • 10FD1 Mrs Perugini



Guidance Coordinator: Mr O’Halloran
Assistant Guidance Coordinator: Mrs Schinella
Homeroom Teachers:

  • 11F11 Ms Tasioulas
  • 11F12 Mrs Hood
  • 11F13 Miss de Jesus
  • 11F14 Mrs Odonga
  • 11F15 Mrs Serbin
  • 11F16 Mrs Pecora/Mrs Marando
  • 11F17 Mrs Ben Bhindi



Guidance Coordinator: Ms Rimac
Assistant Guidance Coordinator: Miss Soo
Homeroom Teachers:

  • 12FF2 Mr Kershaw
  • 12FF3 Mrs Kearsley/Ms Murfet
  • 12FF6 Mrs Collimore
  • 12FF8 Mrs Hanratty
  • 12GL4 Ms Djafri
  • 12GL5 Mrs Haddad
  • 12HA Mrs Frangi


Special Program Coordinators

Careers: Ms Kemp
ESL: Mrs Butler
Enrichment: Mrs Agius
Leaders of Learning Professional Development: Mrs Odonga & Mr Zammit
NSW Institute of Teachers: Mr Caristo
School Counsellor: Ms McNamara
Social Justice: Mr Harvey & Ms Brizgala
Peer Support: Mrs Chaiban
Student Leadership:
 Sr McPhee
Teacher Practicum: Mr Porter
VET: Ms McGlenchy

Support Staff

Enrolment Secretary: Mrs Coniglio
Finance Managers: Mrs Baliva & Ms Posavec
Principal’s Secretary: Mrs Hanna
Administration Secretaries: Mrs Cavallaro, Mrs Roach & Mrs Kusmenko
Curriculum Support Secretary: Mrs Townsend
Teachers Aides:
Mrs Sorbara
Mrs Bhasin
Mrs O’Brien
Teacher/Librarian: Mrs Sylaprany
Library Assistants: 
Mrs Camilleri

Miss Kadry
Mrs Victoria
Canteen Managers: Mrs Morris & Mrs Elliott
Groundsmen: Mr Frendo & Mr Simpkin
IT Support: Mr Bagala & Mr Lendvai
Laboratory Assistant: Mrs Bowdler
Technology Assistant: Mrs Mueller
Uniform Shop Manager: Ms Fowler