Aspire to Great Heights
Cerdon, France
Marist Origins

Marist Origins


The Marist religious community embraces the Marist Fathers, Marist Sisters, Marist Brothers, Marist Missionary Sisters and the Marist Laity.

The original plan of the Society of Mary was conceived in Lyons in 1816. As early as 1824 the Marist Sisters, with Jeanne-Marie Chavoin as Foundress, began their apostolic work of going to where there was great need in France after the Revolution of 1789. The first home for the Sisters was in the village of Cerdon.Cerdon-Church

The Congregation of the Marist Sisters spread to other countries and in 1908 a group of Sisters – French, English and Irish – came to Woolwich to begin their work in Australia. Underlying their educational and apostolic work was the desire to bring the presence of Mary among all with whom they worked.

The Marists try to bring to our College the spirit of Mary, Mother of God, whom they take for their model. They strive to imitate her humility, her simplicity, her self-denial, her close union with God and her love for others. In their work of education, they seek to follow her example of quiet, loyal and unspectacular service of God and of others. Their community life as Marists should flow over into the larger community of the school and add further dimension to its character.