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Award System

Award System

The Merit Award System at Cerdon College operates on 3 levels. The levels are as follows:

1. Teacher’s Award    
            Presented in class. Students who achieve 5 Teacher’s Awards are eligible for a Coordinator’s Award.

2. Coordinator’s Award 
            Presented at a Form Assembly. Students who achieve 5 Coordinator’s Awards are eligible for a  Principal’s Award.

3. Principal’s Award  
             Presented each Semester at a School Assembly or Presentation Evening.


There are 3 levels of Principal’s Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The awards are cumulative, therefore students must keep their awards.


Students’ Responsibilities

  •  To present their awards to their Guidance Coordinator when they have accumulated 5 awards for a Coordinator’s Award or Principal’s Award.
  •  To keep their awards in a safe place. A resume or plastic sleeve folder would be a good place. Lost awards will not be replaced.