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    OUR COLLEGE PATRON Marie Chavoin

 Jeanne-Marie Chavoin founded the Marist Sisters and is the Patron of Cerdon College. Cerdon is the little village in France where the Sisters began. Chavoin was born and lived in France, a country that was full of civil unrest and persecution. She was aware of the difficulties and challenges that face women in any age. Jeanne-Marie would want the young women of Cerdon College in the 21st Century to be women who would continue to make a difference in our world. She believed it was not difficult to create relationships of compassion, service, friendship and even prayer amongst all. Her ideal was simple and based on the life of Mary.


The Chavoin Shield is an annual award, presented each Chavoin Day to the House which earns the most points in the four categories of:

Chavoin Sport

SPORT   Points are awarded for participation and achievement in school carnivals, inter-house competitions and cheer leading competitions as well as selection in Association, Diocesan, State and National competitions, and volunteering to be sporting officials.



THE ARTS Points are awarded for participation beyond normal school participation in areas such as Drama, Public Speaking, Choir and Instrumental Groups, Cabaret, Dance Competitions and Visual Arts competitions.



ACADEMIC Points are awarded for College representation in co-curricular activities such as Mock Trial, Debating, Tournament of the Minds, The Titration Competition, The Maths Olympiad, English, Maths, Science, Language and HSIE Competitions and Inter-House Academic Competitions.

Service to College

SERVICE Points are awarded for involvement in voluntary extra-curricular service to the school and the wider community. The following are included in this category: the Vampire Shield, Social Justice initiatives, canteen volunteers, Library Monitors, volunteer assistants at official school functions and involvement in liturgies.