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Marcellin House
Marcellin House

Marcellin House

Marcellin ChampagnatPatron: Marcellin Champagnat

Colour: Spring Green

This colour was chosen to represent the environment where Marcellin lived and worked. The green of new life, energy and youthfulness.

Motto: Gifted for Others

Marcellin used his gifts for the good of others, building a society which is compassionate and reaches out with a generous heart, especially to those less fortunate. This is what we are called to do, using our gifts like Marcellin for others.Marcellin Badge

Marcellin Shield

Banner: This retains the unique shape of the Cerdon College crest and includes the symbol of the tree which represents how Marcellin used his gift to help others grow.

Leadership: Gillian Kayrooz (Captain) Shantelle Moody (Vice Captain)

Mentors: The 3 staff mentors are Mrs Evgenikos, Mr Lovadina and Mr Mulheron

Staff Members: 

Mrs Ben Bhindi, Mrs Deegan, Mrs Hood, Ms Murphy, Mrs Odonga, Mrs Pecora, Mrs Richmond, Mrs Marando, Mr Collimore, Ms Rimac, Mrs Agius, Mrs Camilleri, Mrs Drageljevic, Miss Herrera, Mrs Redwin, Ms Young, Mrs Townsend, 

House ChampionsAthletics Carnival 2013
House ChampionsYear 9 & 10 Bingo Competition 2010

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