Aspire to Great Heights
McOscar House

McOscar House

Patron McOscar
Patron: Sr Doreen McOscar
Colour: Aussie Gold


This colour was chosen to represent the Australian background of the founding Principal of Cerdon College. Gold is also associated with the abundance of God-given gifts that we as Australians enjoy.

Motto: Live to Learn

Sister Doreen McOscar inspired in the students in the early years a love of learning. For us, living to learn is a life long process, which opens up endless opportunities.McOscar Badge

McOscar Shield

Banner: This retains the unique shape of the Cerdon College crest and includes the symbol of a young woman eagerly embracing educational opportunities available to her.

Leadership: Maria Arraj (Captain)  Sally Eid (Vice Captain)

Mentors: The 3 staff mentors are Miss Parker, Mr Freeman and Mrs Murfett

Staff Members:

Mr Bridges, Mr D’Arcy, Ms Jones, Ms Manduci, Mrs Muscat, Mrs Sharp, Ms Munguia, Ms Nimac, Mrs O’Donoghue, Ms Mahrous, Mr Matthews, Mrs Perras, Mrs Prideaux, Mrs Smith, Mrs Stringer, Mrs De Santis, Mrs Dircks, Mrs Gallina, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Sylaprany, Mr Tham

House Champions – Athletics Carnival 2012
House Champions
 – Chavoin Shield 2012/2013
House Champions – Swimming Carnival 2013
House Champions – Swimming Carnival 2009
House Champions – Swimming Carnival 2008
House Champions – Swimming Carnival 2007

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