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Perroton House
Perroton House

Perroton House

PerrotonPatron: Francoise Perroton

Colour: Pacific Blue

This colour was chosen because it represents Perroton’s missionary nature reflecting her journey over the Pacfic Ocean. The colour is synonymous with the colour of the water surrounding the Pacific Islands.

Motto: Courage in Giving

Perroton Badge

Perroton was courageous because she set out into the unknown leaving her country and daring to travel a long distance to the island of Wallis. She inspires in us the courage to give of ourselves in whatever challenges life presents. 

Perroton ShieldBanner: This retains the unique shape of the Cerdon College crest and includes the sun and waves both of which represent Perroton’s journey to the South Pacific region

Leadership: Jessica Stanton (Captain) Catherine Le (Vice Captain)

Mentors: The 3 staff mentors are Mrs Cook, Mrs Wang and Mr Thomas

Staff Members:

Mrs Bowdler, Ms Ryan, Ms Bousimon, Mrs Chaiban, Ms Ellis-Windsor, Ms McNamara, Mrs Mifsud,  Mrs Collimore Ms McEwen, Mrs Kelly, Mr Moody,  Mr O’Halloran, Mr Toft, Mrs Morris, Ms Ojong, Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Simpson, Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Van Der Werf

House ChampionsAthletics Carnival 2011
House ChampionsAthletics Carnival 2010
House ChampionsAthletics Carnival 2009
House Champions  Chavoin Shield  20011/12
House Champions  Chavoin Shield  2010/11
House Champions Chavoin Shield  2009/10
House Champions
 Senior Trivia 2010
House Champions  Athletics Carnival 2009
House Champions  Athletics Carnival 2008
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